California State University Northridge
The University Coporation
Northridge, CA
Total enrollment -34,000


Program Overview

Matador Bookstore Complex

Current outsourced restaurants not performing financially and feasibility study needed for replacement of companies with renovation to area.

Performing Arts Center
A new performing arts center planned on campus and a feasibility study, food and beverage program, facility design and forecasted financial performance needed to be completed.

Residential Dining
Addition of 396 beds led to planned renovation Residential Dining Facility. Feasibility study, meal plans, program design plan with concepts, operating hours, capacity and financial performance prepared for client.

University Club
Business improvement plan and restaurant feasibility study performed on Orange Grove Bistro restaurant and catering operations.

  Activities Performed:
Conduct peer campus benchmarking retail, residential, catering, club and performing art center programs
Determine retail per capita opportunity
Analyze market demand
Research and recommend brand options
Develop meal plans and financial feasibility
Develop catering , club and performing arts menu
Develop Standards of Performance
Complete financial modeling all projects
Work with leadership and project teams to integrate goals, architectural plan, food facility design, and program

Per capita performance has increased campus wide from $208/person to $296/person in 5 years or 42%

Matador Bookstore Complex
Satisfaction and spending exceeded forecast with three new branded concepts.

Performing Arts Center
Program design and financial performance completed and in process of integration with architectural design and food facility plan.

Residential Dining
Meal plans, facility development and program implementation for fall 2009.

Professional Service Team
Food Facility Planner-Webb Design
Strategic Planner-Wilkie Enterprises

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