University of California San Diego

La Jolla, CA
Total enrollment -28,000


Program Overview

IPrice Center Expansion Planning
In anticipation of the expansion of the Price Center, Student Affairs retained Wilkie Enterprises to work with the architect, food facility planner and administration to recommend 7 new retail concepts, their location and restaurant companies.

Sports and Recreation-RIMAC 2
A new facility adjacent to RIMAC 1 was planned to include a restaurant, convenience store and coffee house. Plans were developed with the project team. Restaurants and coffee specialty companies were researched and recommendations made for occupancy. Financial analysis of self-operation versus contractor agreement was studied. RFP documents were prepared for restaurant proposals.

  Activities Performed:
Research industry trends and restaurant companies for coffee and restaurant recommendations
Evaluate the retail programs campus wide to determine per capita opportunity.
Work with planning team to identify best placement for new concepts.
Evaluate capacity by concept to determine through-put based on forecasted per capita.
Work with team to determine seating and traffic patterns.

Price Center:  Facility designed completed and
restaurants in operation.

Sports and Recreation:  Convenience Store and Coffee house completed and restaurant on hold due to economic reasons.

Professional Service Team
Architect Cannon- Price Center
Architect Bauer and Wiley- Sports and Recreation
Food Facility Planner-Webb Design
Strategic Planner-Wilkie Enterprises

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