Collaboration is a key to the success of the team. Over the years, we have learned that while we are experts in our respective fields, the client focus and goals are paramount. Creating an environment that motivates the client’s team to participate in the process contributes to a more successful program. Innovation does not come without hard work, focus and collaboration. Wilkie Enterprises is here for your success.
Susan Wilkie
Wilkie Enterprises

The greatest enjoyment in my career has been assembling teams of talented, successful and dedicated people who connect with each other to accomplish the client’s vision. The team that we have assembled does just that. As a mentor for individual and group dynamics, I welcome the growth and development of industry leaders that are and have been a part of my team. more info
James Webb
Webb Design - Food Facility Planning and Design Services

I first met Jim seven years ago when seeking a visionary food facilities planner. Jim impressed me with his zeal for creating contemporary solutions for his clients. His passion for function, form and design intertwined with his love of great food and service makes him and his team an award winning resource for food facility planning. more info
Kyle Shadix
Health, Nutrition and Well-Being Strategist
Nutrition and Culinary Consultants, a WPP Company - CCC, MS, RD, Food and Nutrition Consultant

Energy abounds when working with this talented Chef, Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian and food safety expert. I met Kyle at a menus conference and was drawn to his complete commitment to changing the culture of wellness awareness in this country. A “Stealth Well-Being Strategist”, Kyle believes in developing healthy, sustainable, and affordable menu options for his clients without the fan faire connected to high power promotions. more info
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